Western Connection - IAN SCIONTI

Western Connection


Western Connection, the most recent project of Ian Scionti, is a musical journey through the rural and urban landscapes of North América. Using jazz a the main theme, the group mixes jazz, folk, country, pop, rock and experimental in a discourse that tranports the listener to a musical world full of posibilities.

The repertoire is inspired in artists sich as Bill Frisell, Julian Lange, Thelonious Monk, Townes Van Zant, or Bob Dylan. The group plays with the musical lexicon that branched out from the southern United States to the rest of the continent durring the first half of the 20th century, giving birth to a wide range of musical genres.

Ian Scionti: guitar

Paul Laborda: lap steel
Daniel Abad: bass

Jesús “Tato” Vela: drums