Comfort Trio

COMFORT TRIO is formed at the end of 2022 with the vocation of generating and developing from the personal perspective of its members, an eminently jazz repertoire, with folk and popular music as points of reference and inspiration. The trio stands out for its sound, where the love of music, friendship, joy and the personal […]

Ian Scionti Trio

Flamenco-Jazz Exploring the limits between jazz and flamenco, the Ian Scionti Trio establishes a natural and cohesive dialogue between the two musical traditions. Campo Abierto (Open Field), title of their debut album, is born of a reflection about the aesthetic delimitations and conflux of these musical genres and their linguistic evolution, offering a show that crosses musical and cultural […]

Other Projects

Discover Ian's other music projects. Manouche, Fado, Chorinho...

Western Connection

Jazz-Americana IAN SCIONTI & WESTERN CONNECTION is a musical journey through the rural and urban landscapes of North América. Using jazz a the main theme, the group seeks out the connection between jazz, folk, americana and country, through a contemporary musical discourse oriented towards the roots of the musical language that emanated from the southern […]